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  • 12-Week course delivered once a week via email
  • Video, audio and transcript delivery to align with your learning preference

  • Weekly exercises delivered in a fillable format to ensure you have a place to work through the concepts and keep track of your answers

  • Mid-week email check-ins to answer your questions 

  • Daily prompts to help you stay focused

  • Email access to ensure you have personalized support

  • Lifetime course access to support you on your journey no matter how long it takes


Bonus #1
Kolbe A™ Index 
Instantly understand your inborn strengths.
Did you know there's more than one type of strength? The Kolbe A™ Index reveals the strengths you were born with. Your hard-wired instinct to take action and solve problems. The very strengths that can predict your success in any career.

Bonus #2
Interview Secrets Guide
Land your dream job without compromising who you are. 
Get insights from my years on the other side of the hiring desk to support your interview process and help you find fulfilling work.

Bonus #3
Private VIP Coaching Session

Get the clarity you need - fast.
In a world full of advice, you can waste precious time sifting through endless information. You need someone who can hear the nuance of your circumstance, help you map out a plan, and give you the confidence you need to take that next step. This 1-hour session is normally $397.

Bonus #4
Lifetime Discounts on Private VIP Coaching Sessions

Get $100 off any VIP Coaching Session as soon as you're registered.
 Plus, gain access to special offers and early access to any events, retreats or other courses that I offer. Purchasing the course more than pays for itself and ensures you'll have individual support when you need it most.

What People Are Saying:

I think that, most likely, I would've given up on my dream career had it not been for the work we did.

Kayti Heller

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